Lina Stergiou, “Virus Matter: Covit-19 Spatial Politics of Body World Ecology”, in CAFAM Beijing Techne Triennial: Topologies of the Real and Art in Motion, CAFA Art Museum Beijing and ZKM – We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces online exhibition response to the postponed Triennial due to Covit-19 (from 30 March 2020, Invited in one of the five commissioned projects, JODI’s ICTI.ME.


Taking into account scientific research and facts up to the date this essay was written (20 March 2020), the terms ‘SARS-CoV-2,’ ‘Covit-19,’ ‘Virus,’ and ‘Computer Virus’ are here examined, their properties, and the bodily and global effects of the first two, for suggesting that Covit-19 phenomenon is enacted by a cut-together apart between in/human/in/organic entities producing radical un/boundaries that sweep the body. Indeed, it is here argued, the unit of transfigurations is the body, turning a phenomenon into a dynamic interiorized world view departure point. The writing shows why and how Covit-19 is a de/stabilizing, creative, liberating, collective site of integral dynamics in/towards a new body world ecology.