Lina Stergiou, “1960s, Institution Architecture: Avant-Garde Roots and Function”, in “Cultural Production in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Art Collectives, Institutions and Culture Industry” special issue, Re·bus – a journal of art history and theory 2, no.8 (Spring 2017): 1-34.

While not underestimating the ambivalence that the question ‘what is the avant-garde’ still has in the arts and the literary field today, if it is a historic category or an ongoing project, and if so, what defines this project, a respective straightforward enquiry did not yet amply preoccupy the architectural field. Even so, the sixties mark a shift. It is this decade when the term ‘avant-garde’ begins describing buildings, architects and diverse productions of the latter, correlating with the study of the reciprocal relation between architecture and the avant-garde.