Lina Stergiou, “Virus Matter: Covit-19 Spatial Politics of Body World Ecology”, in CAFAM Beijing Techne Triennial: Topologies of the Real and Art in Motion, CAFA Art Museum and ZKM – We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces, response to the postponed Triennial due to Covit-19 (from 30 March 2020, chronusartcenter). Invited by JODI, ICTI.ME.


Taking into account scientific research and facts up to the date this essay was written (20 March 2020), the terms ‘SARS-CoV-2,’ ‘Covit-19,’ ‘Virus,’ and ‘Computer Virus’ are here examined, their properties, and the bodily and global effects of the first two, for suggesting that Covit-19 phenomenon is enacted by a cut-together apart between in/human/in/organic entities producing radical un/boundaries that sweep the body. Indeed, it is here argued, the unit of transfigurations is the body, turning a phenomenon into a dynamic interiorized world view departure point. The writing shows why and how Covit-19 is a de/stabilizing, creative, liberating, collective site of integral dynamics in/towards a new body world ecology.