WRAPPING MARBLE Offices for Small Music Company

Transformation of two apartments into offices for a small music company, Athens

Architect: Lina Stergiou
Collaborating architects: Orestis Argiropoulos, Yannis Arvanitis, Nikos Koukoumis, Yannikos Vasiloulis

Wrapping Marble houses a small music company. Forming an ambiguous environment, a marble zone serves a variety of functions: wardrobe, shelves for books and CDs, false ceiling for lighting purposes, kitchen cabinet, and movable waiting seats in the secretariat office. Its lifting from the floor creates the secretariat as well as the personal-conference table.

Exhibited in:

2004-today: Femmes Architectes en Euro-méditerranée, travelling exhibition, organized by Association pour Recherche sour la Ville et l’Habitat ARVHA Paris. Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris; Biblioteca Nazionale Turin for the XXIII Congress of UIA Union International of Architects; The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg INSA, Strasbourg; Centre Georges Pompidou Beaubourg, Paris; RIBA Gallery, London; Marseille; Spain; Ireland; Belgium; Morocco and Algeria. Participation upon invitation representing Greece
2006: 5th Greek National architectural exhibition – Patras, Cultural Capital of Europe, “Architecture as a Cultural Artefact.” Selection after competition, Building Marangopoulou, Patras
2003: 3rd Busan International Cultural Festival, Exhibition and Convention Center of Busan, Korea

Published in:

2006: Architecture as a Cultural Artefact, catalogue of 5th Greek National architectural exhibition, Patras – Cultural Capital of Europe