Urban pilot actions

Athens City Center
9 -11 May 2011

Research-curator: Lina Stergiou

Athens Here and Now pilot actions rewrite the city center historic traces, explore the potentialities of participation and appropriation of public space by diverse social groups and empower minority ones. Resulting from research, academic workshops and curatorship, a network of video projections on public buildings and squares took place in downtown Athens under the umbrella of Athens Art Week, the Hellenic Ministry for Culture and Tourism, and presented at Futur En Seine Festival, Paris, June 17-26, 2011.  The academic workshops have been realized with the Athens School of Fine Arts, March-June 2011 (Vicky Betsou/ASFA, Lina Stergiou – Digital Art and Activism); and with the Université de Paris 8/CITU research center of Paragraphe laboratory, March-June 2011 (Maurice Benayoun and Robin Gareus/CITU, Lina Stergiou – Social Collider). The final selection of the participants has been conducted by a Committee comprised of: George Harvalias (Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts), Spiros Raftopoulos (Head of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens), Lina Stergiou (Architect, Initiator/Curator AAO project)

Works by: Vicky Betsou, Ioanna Agelopoulou, Assimina Assimakopoulou, Maria Dimopoulou, Vasiliki Filipou, Nefeli Georgakopoulou, John Karpouzis, Vangelis Katikaridis, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Andonis Kourkoulos, Polina Kyritsopopoulou, Eleni Lomvardou, Eleanna Martinou, Nikos Mitilinios, Maria Papavasiliou,  Aristotelis Giorgos Sofianopoulos, Emilios Theofanous, Andonis Panayotis Tomaras, Panagiotis Voulgaris, group of participants in ARSIS photography, and “The New Solidarity,” National Association of Children with Mental Disability-Blindness-Paraplegics.

And 3///3…THREE WALLS ON WEDNESDAYS…, Blanka Amezkua (curator) with works by Melina Moisidelis, Sotiris Papanikolaou and Ira Vlachaki.

Video production: Miltos Fotopoulos
Photos: Dimitris Giannoulakis


See related Exhibition Design of Athens Here and Now, and Lina Stergiou, “Αθήνα Εδώ και Τώρα. Athens Here and Now,” in ’Architects’ special issue 16 (October 2015): 8-9